Chefler Foods

Since 2016

Experience the Chefler Difference— Choose from Our Line of Superior Salad Dressings, Mayonnaises, Mustards, Vinegars, Cooking Oils, Sauces and Condiments


Our Specialty

Manufacturers and packers of the freshest and best-tasting mayonnaises, salad dressings, mustards, vinegars, and vegetable oils for all segments of the food industry.

Our Story

At Chefler Foods, our passion to achieve perfection has become our obsession. We aim to build long-lasting connections that afford us the privilege of sharing our keen understanding of product creation and commercialization with our customers.

Our Products

Our complete line of signature brands and unique recipes are unlike than anything else on the market. Available in a wide-variety packaging sizes, we are sure to have the perfect product to meet any and all your needs.

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Strategically located in Northern New Jersey - with a vertically integrated facility - to support customers around the world.