Let our obsession be your perfection!

Chefler Foods, founded in 2016, is managed by a highly experienced team with a long history of success in the food manufacturing industry. At Chefler Foods we are passionately committed to our customers — delivering only the highest quality products with a level of personal service unmatched in the marketplace.


Chefler Foods aims to not be just a source, but a resource. With a talent for problem-solving and a “just-in-time” business model, our goal is to be both a purveyor of top quality products at affordable prices, and a supplier of solutions. At Chefler Foods we take pride in our ability to find immediate solutions — drawing from decades of manufacturing and packaging experience and utilizing a global network of resources in the food industry.


Chefler Foods is the only vertically-integrated company of its kind. Our state-of-the-art facility offers high-speed manufacturing, a captive blow-molding operation, as well as expert consultation on commodities risk-management and product development. This unique infrastructure and “just in time” business model allows our customers to take advantage of every new opportunity and receive the freshest product as soon as they need it.

Signature Brands

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of authentic regional recipes designed for every segment of the food industry. Our brands include:


  • Kosher

    We take the needs of our Kosher customers very seriously, and we work closely with the Orthodox Union to ensure that all of our machinery and ingredients are in complete compliance with OU standards. Ⓤ

  • Blow-Molding

    Our manufacturing process begins with a dedicated blow molding operation. Our blow molders feed bottles directly into the filling stations through a network of overhead conveyors, maximizing efficiency of manufacturing and speed of delivery while minimizing cost to our customers.

  • Food Packaging

    Our automated equipment is controlled by skilled operators to ensure the quality of product from each and every production line.

  • Quality Control

    We’re committed to producing high-quality, consistent products in a safe environment. Our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program is applied to all aspects of our operation, from employee training to around-the-clock monitoring by Quality Assurance/Quality Control Specialists, guaranteeing that all our products meet or exceed customer expectations and industry standards.