Mike's Amazing

At Chefler Foods, where passion for perfection is our obsession, we are extremely proud to offer Mikes Amazing line of vegetable oils, mayonnaises, mustards and salad dressings.  Named after our founder, Mikes Amazing products are held to the highest standards and only made available after rigorous testing to confirm that we have achieved our founder’s vision of producing a uniquely superior product that has no equal on any supermarket shelf.


Super Chef

Based on the principal that restaurants should be able to lower their high costs without lowering their high standards, Super Chef is proud to be the inaugural brand of Chefler Foods and the flagship brand of our foodservice division.  With deliciously consistent quality at affordable pricing, it is no surprise that Super Chef continues to be one of the fastest growing brands across all segments of the foodservice industry.


Dragon Chef

Let our Dragon Chef line allow you to taste the authentic and complex flavor profile of all your Asian cuisine.   Dragon Chef salad oils, vinegars, cooking wines, teriyaki and soy sauces are perfectly designed for broad application in any kitchen.


Dolce Vita

This specialty line of gourmet olive oils, cooking wines, and balsamic vinegars reflect our love of  Italian cuisine and our desire to honor its rich culinary heritage.  Dolce Vita is sourced with only the highest quality imported products that are carefully selected to satisfy even the most discerning palette.  With each bottle of Dolce Vita, we attempt to capture the flavors of a life filled with the pleasure and luxury everyone deserves.