SuperChef® Xtreme ZT High Performance Deep Frying Oil


Pack Size: 35#

UPC: 691208072236

Cases Per Pallet: 30

TI x HI: 20 x 3

Gross Case Weight: 36.50

Product Description:

SuperChef® Xtreme ZT High Performance Deep Frying Oil is a zero trans-fat, no cholesterol, gluten free deep-frying oil is perfect for all your frying needs.  Xtreme ZT Liquid is formulated for longer fry life and intense applications. This oil blend offers a neutral taste, for no flavor transfer, while ensuring it is up for heavy-duty frying. This shortening’s convenient liquid consistency enables easy pouring, right from the container. It contains ZERO trans-fat, making it great for heath-conscious customers. Perfect replacement for hydrogenated shortenings, and ideal for frying, baking, and cooking. Whether it is making french fries, fried fish, or friend vegetables, this versatile shortening will get the job done!

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