National Tartar Sauce Day – What is Its Significance And The Story Behind Its Origin?

Read about the history of national tartar sauce day and its origins.

Tartar sauce is one of the most popular condiments which can be found in every household. This cold sauce makes an excellent pairing with seafood, including cod, pollack, shrimp, salmon, and haddock. You can also enjoy the deliciousness of this tangy, creamy sauce with roasted veggies, pita bread, and chips. This multi-purpose sauce can be used as a marinade for grilled meat. It can be added to pasta and potato salad to enhance their taste and texture.

Mayonnaise forms the base of tartar sauce. Other ingredients, such as chopped onions, capers, pickles, tarragon, and dill, are added to it. The addition of lemon juice and olives enhances the taste of the sauce. However, these are optional ingredients.

What is National Tartar Sauce Day, and What Is Its Significance?

  • National Tartar Sauce Day is celebrated on the first Friday after the beginning of Lent. The idea behind the celebration is to pay tribute to this unique sauce for its contribution to the culinary world. The National Tartar Sauce Day also reminds all foodies to top their seafood with this mouthwatering sauce.

It is not a coincidence that the timing for the celebration of National Tartar Sauce Day coincides with the arrival of Lent. Lent is a period of fasting during which observers abstain from eating meat and poultry. Due to this restriction, the demand and consumption of seafood increased. Seafood and tartar sauce go hand in hand. Hence, National Tartar Sauce Day is celebrated at a time when the need for tartar sauce is at its zenith.

  • In 2017, this tradition was first introduced by Frisch’s Big Boy. The restaurant shares a special relationship with tartar sauce. In 1923, Dave Frisch included his homemade tartar sauce in the iconic Big Boy sandwich. The sauce was a big hit with the customers, so much so that they wanted to buy the sauce separately.

Due to the rising demand for tartar sauce, Dave’s special sauce production started on a commercial scale. By the 1960s, the tartar sauce, made with Dave’s original recipe, was being sold in stores. Frisch’s Big Boy owes its success and popularity to the tartar sauce. No wonder they created a special day to celebrate this particular sauce.

Who Invented The Tartar Sauce?

  • Culinary historians do not know for sure how and when Tartar sauce came into being. The earliest footsteps of tartar sauce can be traced to ancient Rome. However, some historians claim that the French chefs deserve the credit for giving us tartar sauce in its present-day form. In some parts of the world, the sauce is spelled as ‘tartare,’ which indicates the French origin of the sauce.

How to Celebrate National Tartar Sauce Day?

national tartar sauce dayThis day is celebrated to honor the tartar sauce’s contribution to the culinary world. You can honor tartar sauce in your own way by doing the following:

  • Stock your pantry with Mike’s Amazing Tartar Sauce and order lots of seafood on this day. According to estimates, Americans eat 1 billion pounds of shrimp each year. Enjoy your food with Mike’s Amazing Tartar Sauce, and have a blast. Even though tartar sauce is a high-calorie condiment, you can let go and eat to your heart’s contentment on this special day.
  • Another fun way to celebrate the day is by hosting a sauce-making competition with your friends. Everyone is welcome to create a unique version of tartar sauce according to their recipe. We hope you will get some fantastic variants of this creamy deliciousness.

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