6 Delicious Types of Mustard Sauces

Here are some great recipe ideas to try with mustard sauces

Mustard is one of the world’s oldest and most cherished condiments that is made from seeds of the mustard plant. It is widely used in several regions of the world and is considered among the most popular condiments in the world. Here are some of the most delicious types of mustards sauces made with Mike’s Amazing Mustard range that can be served with burgers, sandwiches, sausages, and more.

Mike’s Amazing Dusseldorf Mustard

  • It is famous German mustard that has more of a sweet and sour taste. It is popularly served in a dish called Mostertpottche. It is similar to Dijon mustard but has a relatively pungent flavor.

Beer, brandy, vinegar, sugar, and some other liquids are used to make Dusseldorf Senf. Düsseldorf’s brand is known for having made the oldest Dusseldorf Senf in 1726.

Mike’s Amazing Yellow Mustard

  • Yellow mustard is among the most widely grown types of mustard seeds. The distinct bright yellow color of yellow mustard comes from turmeric which is used as one of the ingredients in yellow mustard. Turmeric is combined with water, vinegar, some spices, and mustard seeds.

All of these ingredients are converted into a viscous squeezable paste or sauce. Yellow mustard has a specific crisp, and tangy flavor and it is preferably used on burgers, hot dogs, as well as homemade salad dressings.

Mike’s Amazing Dijon Mustard

  • mustard saucesDijon mustard has been around since the 1850s and is known for its classic flavor that complements several dishes. It has a consistency similar to yellow mustard but differs in its flavor profile. In ancient days verjuice or the juice from unripe grapes was used to make Dijon mustard.

However, in modern Dijon mustard, white wine is substituted for verjuice which gives it a sharp and tangy flavor. This makes it quite different from the original recipe. About 80% of the world’s Dijon mustard is made from Canadian mustard seed.

Mike’s Amzing Deli Mustard

  • Spicy brown mustard is typically made by combining brown seeds and yellow seeds. Some of the rich spices like ginger, nutmeg, or cinnamon are also used for making spicy brown mustard. The combination of hot spices, seeds, and less acidity gives it a more pronounced flavor profile.

This gives it a deep, complex, hot, and somewhat earthy profile that goes well with many delis, hot dogs, and sandwiches. In spicy brown mustard, the bran is left on the seeds which gives the final product a coarse texture.

Beer And Spirit Mustard

  • Beer mustard originated in the Midwestern United States in the 20th century. As the name indicates, beer is used as a substitute for or in combination with vinegar in this mustard. The heat of the mustard masks the flavor of the beer. Some of the varieties however have a stronger and more acidic taste depending on the flavor of beer being used.

Sometimes, spirits are added into the mustard mix in addition to vinegar. The stronger flavor of the spirit adds depth and character to this mustard. In spirit-based mustards, whiskeys and bourbons are popularly used for a more defined flavor.

Honey Mustard

  • As the name implies, honey mustard is made with a mixture of honey and mustard in a one-to-one ratio. However, the ratio of honey and mustard can be adjusted according to personal preference and taste. Yellow mustard is the most commonly used mustard in honey mustard since it has a mild flavor that is elevated with the sweetness of honey.

This combination neutralizes the spicy edge of the yellow mustard while retaining its complexity. It is well suited for making sweeter dressings and dipping.

Mike’s Amazing brand manufactures a variety of high-quality mustards that can add an exciting flavor to your food. We use the right amount of spices that not only enrich your food but also deliver several health benefits. To place your order, visit our website or call us at 201-596-3717. We are located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

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