7 Surprising Cooking Applications of Mayonnaise That Make Everyday Food Better

These cooking applications of mayonnaise will surprisingly improve your daily recipes

Mayonnaise is a delicious and popular condiment. It is added to salads and is consumed with pizzas and sandwiches. However, do you know that Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise has multiple cooking applications and other uses as well? These marvelous mayonnaise hacks make cooking more convenient and add a distinguishing taste to the food. 

In this article, we will explore some hands-on applications and uses of mayonnaise. So read on. 

For Super Moist Cakes

  • You may have tried multiple cake recipes but nearly all your attempts turned out to be dry and stiff. Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise is the secret ingredient most professional bakers add to their cake batter to make them super moist and ultra-soft. Think about it. Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise is made of eggs and oil and these two ingredients are an integral part of all cakes. Hence, adding a small amount of Mike’s Amazing mayo to your cakes and cupcakes will result in some delicious tasting, and soft cakes. 

Mike’s Amazing Mayonnaise Prevents Foods From Sticking to The Grill

  • A practical way to prevent the sticking of meat to the grill is by brushing the sides of the meat with Mike’s Amazing mayo before placing them on the grill. The fat in the mayo adds lubrication and prevents the food from sticking. It even promotes browning and results in deliciously grilled food. 

Fry Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise

  • To get a super crisp crust of the grilled cheese sandwich, instead of butter, apply a thin layer of Mike’s Amazing mayo to the bread. Fry it in a shallow pan to get a beautiful golden color sandwich with a crunchy texture. 

For Super Creamy and Rich Mashed Potatoes

  • Mashed potatoes have one rule – the creamier the better. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise to a bowl of mashed potatoes. This will not only make the potatoes rich and creamy but will also give them a tangy flavor, like the one you get from adding sour cream. Say hello to gorgeous-looking, yummy tasting mashed potatoes that will compliment chicken steaks wonderfully.  

Apply it to Chicken Before Roasting It

  • cooking applications of mayonnaiseMike’s Amazing mayonnaise is a perfect rub for chicken before roasting it. It has a thick consistency hence it won’t come off and won’t have to be reapplied while roasting. Mike’s Amazing mayo adds a distinct crisp to the skin of the chicken and adds beautiful golden color to it. For additional flavor, you can add chili sauce and herbs to the mayo and apply it to the chicken. 

For Easy and Perfectly Breaded Chicken Breasts

  • To develop an even coating of the bread crumbs, most chefs dip the chicken breasts in egg, flour, egg again, and then the crumbs. However, to make things easier, you can ditch the eggs and flour and use Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise as a base coating for the crumbs instead. Apply a generous coat of mayonnaise to the breasts and then roll them in bread crumbs. The thick consistency of Mike’s Amazing mayo will ensure that the crumbs stick to the chicken breast, 

It will also add a nice golden color to the breasts when fried on medium heat. 

Use it As An Easy Marinade

  • Instead of the conventional marinade, dip your chicken or meat in Mike’s Amazing mayonnaise which acts as a perfect marinade. The fat and acid in the mayonnaise are perfect for adding flavor and softening the chicken.  

After learning these hacks, you must be tempted to try them. For all your mayo requirements, we recommend you try Mike’s Amazing Mayonnaise, brought to you by Chefler Foods. We offer six different varieties of mayonnaise. Call us at 201-596-3717 or view our products online to order. We are located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

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