What Is Soy Mayonnaise? Ingredients, Health Benefits, And Uses

Mayonnaise is one of the basic condiments and pairing your food with Mike’s Amazing All Natural Soy Mayo can create a classic dish that is sure to become everyone’s favorite. Continue reading to learn about soy mayonnaise, its benefits, and its uses.

Ingredients Used To Make Soy Mayonnaise

  • A combination of flavorful ingredients is used to make sure that the soy mayonnaise tastes great.

Soy Milk

  • Soy milk is a milk alternative plant-based healthy drink. It is made by grinding soaked soybeans and boiling the mixture. This stable emulsion of oil, water, and protein not only adds flavor and texture to soy mayonnaise but also contributes nutrients that are beneficial for health.


  • For adding tanginess red wine, white wine, or apple cider vinegar can be added. It livens up all the flavors.

Lemon Juice

  • Juice of fresh lemons may be added to mayonnaise to further enhance its flavor profile.

Dijon Mustard

  • Mustard is an emulsifier that makes vegan mayonnaise taste as good as regular mayonnaise. Pair your food with Mike’s Amazing Dijon Mustard to add extra tanginess.

Salt And Oil

  • Salt and oil are two essential ingredients added for obtaining the optimal flavor and texture in the mayonnaise.

Health Benefits Of Soy Mayonnaise

  • health benefits of soy mayonnaiseThe star ingredient in soy mayonnaise is soy milk which provides you a source of calcium and protein.
  • The fat content of mayonnaise allows the body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients from the diet.
  • The nutrients in mayonnaise keep your heart in good health.
  • Mayonnaise help strengthens the hair and keeps them healthy.
  • It contains omega 3 which reduces the risk of heart disorders.
  • The presence of vitamin E promotes optimal blood circulation.
  • It keeps your bones strong.

Uses of Soy Mayonnaise

In addition to its regular uses in sandwiches, salads, and pasta mayonnaise can also has some other uses:

  • It can be added to pancake batter to make extra fluffy pancakes.
  • To make your frosting extra creamy add a dab of mayonnaise to it.
  • Mayonnaise, when incorporated in marinades, adds a delicious fat flavor.
  • Brush meat and fish with mayonnaise to keep them from sticking on the grill.
  • Mayonnaise can be substituted for egg wash when breading meat.
  • The oil in mayonnaise can make your cakes extra moist.

Mike’s Amazing All Natural Soy Mayo

  • Mike’s Amazing All Natural Soy Mayo is made with a combination of soy and natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives. This amazing mayonnaise is high in quality and has a thick and creamy texture that goes well with anything it’s added in.

When you add it to a dish it coats all the ingredients evenly, distributes flavors equally, and creates a smooth, uniform consistency.

Soy Mayo Is Vegan

  • Mike’s Amazing All Natural Soy Mayo is made with vegan ingredients including soy milk and oil. It is different yet an excellent substitute for regular mayonnaise. It delivers a wholesome blend of vitamins and minerals to keep your heart, hair, skin, and nails healthy.

It can be an excellent source of essential nutrients that provides some surprising health benefits. Mike’s Amazing All Natural Soy Mayo can be used in sandwiches, salad, and pasta. It can also be combined with other condiments as the base for tasty new dressings and sauces.

Mike’s Amazing All Natural Soy Mayo is made with a perfect balance of the highest quality ingredients. To place your order, contact Mike’s Amazing brand. We manufacture multiple sauces, condiments, mayonnaise, and salad dressings. Call us at 201-596-3717 or visit us in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

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